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Sandgate is a large village of some 5000 population and approximately 2500 houses. It sits roughly equal distance between Folkestone and Hythe. Sandgate is comprised of two parts (Wards) the Village (the stretch along the coast) and the Valley (inland). The coastal road through the village (from Folkestone to Hythe) is the A259.

 Sandgate was an urban district from 1894 to 1934 (having previously been part of Cheriton parish). It was added to Folkestone in 1934.

In 2004 local people voted in a referendum for the village to re-acquire civil parish status.

Sandgate now has a Parish Council  with 11 parish councillors and 2 district councillors, the council office is situated in Sandgate Library.

The Parish Council meet for full council meeting the 2nd Tuesday evening each month.

Sandgate Views

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