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Let me take this opportunity to bring greetings from a much younger Sandgate, also by the sea, and just as much loved by its community as is Sandgate in Kent.

Sandgate is twenty kilometres northeast of Brisbane, a residential suburb with trains running half-hourly to the city, yet with some of the qualities usually associated with a country town.

It includes Shorncliffe and Brighton (we do have an English heritage) and provides magnificent views across the bay to Moreton Island with its huge sand hills. Keep Sandgate Beautiful Association was formed with aims to enhance natural beauty, conserve assets and foster balanced development and, like the Sandgate Society, it is non-political.

Among the assets to be conserved are a series of freshwater lagoons which support a wealth of bird life and heritage buildings which, despite our relative youth, are of historical significance.

Cabbage Tree Creek shelters a prawning fleet as well as many pleasure craft. These are very much in evidence each Easter when the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race starts from Shorncliffe Pier. Other sporting and cultural interests are also provided for.


Sandgate beach,  Australia