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Sandgate nestles nicely between Folkestone and Hythe and, thankfully, is not a hotbed of nefarious goings on.  In fact the crime rate for Sandgate is happily lower than the average for Shepway, and for Kent for that matter.

But just to keep you updated with anything that is going on hereabouts I have included some News sources here.

Sandgate In Touch

This news website only includes news items about Sandgate or relevant to Sandgate people. And to make it easily digestible the news items are bite sized. There is also contact information for your Ward Councillors plus other useful contact information

SDC Press Releases

A listing of news items Shepway wide. From the SDC website you can also pay council tax bills, report problems with fly-tipping, noise nuisance and more.

Kent Council Press Releases

A listing of news items Kent wide. From the KCC website you can also report potholes. Blocked gutters and more.

The Looker

The Looker is a local weekly newspaper. It mostly focuses on news from across the Marshes, but does include Sandgate and other news too.

Sandgate Parish Council

Parish council news is posted on this website - always worth checking.

For Events and Activities listing use the Whats On link above.