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Sandgate is one of those places you visit because it has a lovely little beach just yards from the High Street. And then when you find out more about the places, the people, the history - you may feel inclined to make a little video about it to capture those memories.

So here are some of those videos from You Tube and other sources about Sandgate history, people and places -  for you to enjoy.

What is SteamPunk  - H.G. Wells' Home Sci-Fi Author

A light hearted video about HG Wells in Sandgate and how he inspired modern day sci fi.

Hattie Jacques' House Sandgate Folkestone Kent - Carry On Films

A light hearted video about Hattie Jacques time in Sandgate.

Sandgate's oldest cobbler retires at 93 after 75 years

A BBC News item tribute to Fred Moore when he retired

Diamond Jubilee Beacon at Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent

A lovely video made by local photographer Colin  Jon

The Gurkhas - Freedom of Sandgate 2008

Meridian news item

The Olympic Torch comes to Sandgate 2012

Filmed by local photographer Colin Jon

Forever Sandgate

An Audio Visual featuring a poem by Linda René-Martin entitled "Forever Sandgate" realisation by Melanie Chalk CPAGB Photographer Sandgate Kent

Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares 03x02 Sandgate Hotel 3

In February 2006 Channel 4 screened Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” where he visited The Sandgate Hotel.

Shane Record School Paint at Sandgate Primary Kent  

A Film Factory Commission

Time Team Sharpes Redoubt

A documentary that focuses not only on Shorncliffe Redoubt and Time Team's three day dig there, but also the history surrounding the site.

David’s Sandgate compiled by David Cowell

In People, Prose and Poems

Wasted Rock Rangers At the family fun day